Ushuaia Blanca's Full day

Type: Whole day tour.

A whole-family activity, no doubts!

Your unforgettable day starts early in the morning. Together we are going to learn how to ski. Thanks to this easy and fun activity, in just an hour, we are going to be able to slide on the snow. We will walk through the valley with snowshoes to discover every corner and the stories around this stunning location. Intimate and cozy, the Mountain Bar will wait for us with lunch served, ready to enjoy a delicous brew or a local wine. During the afternoon, the snowmobiles will take us through the most beautiful trails and forests in the valley. We will end up the day sliding with sledges through a great slide, full of adrenalin! 

Menu: Snack + one glass of wine, one bear or one soda or water + one “Empanada” + half a pizza or one ham and cheese grilled sandwich or two “Empanadas” + one small coffee, hot chocolate or tea + Argentinian sweets.


9:00 Pick-up at the hotels.

10:00 Arrive at the Winter center.

10:15 Cross country ski lesson.

12:00 Guided snowshoes trekking.

13:30 Lunch.

14:45 Snowmobile trip.

15:45 Playing with sledges.

16:30 Return to the city.

Nomad Adventure

Type: Mid Day Tour Tour.

Conquer it, live it, become a nomad in the white corner of the continent and make yours the ground.

We will snowshoe through the “Axmen Trail”. Centenary beech trees will surround us together with our pioneer's stories. We will conquer the place with ATV's: the forest, valley, rivers and ice gaps on beaver's dams are not an obstacle. After the excursion full of adrenalin we will get to the Mountain Bar where we will toast for the adventure with a brew and the stove heating the place.

Dificulty: low. Duración: 5 hoursStart: 09:00 hours.


Tour development: ATV adventure - Snowshoes guided trekking - Snack.

Included: Transfer in/out, ATV trail trip, guided trekking and neccesary equipment (snowshoes, one atv for two passengers), Picada + drink of choice (with or without alcohol)



9:00 Pick-up at the hotels

10:00 Arrive to the Winter resort.

10:15 Adventure trip with tracked ATV’s.

11:15 Guided trekking with snowshoes.

12:30 Picada.

13:45 Return to the city.

After Cerro

Tipo: After ski Tour.


Did you have a great snowy day? Did you have lots of fun? Let's keep on going!

We know you want to enjoy with your friends a little bit longer. While the night falls down, we jump onto the snowmobiles to discover the valley and the forests around it, we enjoy the landscapes and have a super fun after-mountain activity! When we come back, it is the perfect time for a snack and beer at the Mountain Bar!

Dificulty: low. Duration: 3 hoursStart: 17:00 hours.


Tour development: Snowmobile Adventure - Snack and Beer.

Included: Transfer in/out, Long snowmobile trail, snack and a local beer at the Mountain Bar.


17:00 Start at Cerro Castor Ski Resort.

17:20 Snowmobile trip.

18:20 Snack and bear at the Mountain Bar.

19:20 Return to the city.

*NOTE: These tour needs a minimum of four passengers.

Valley trekking

Type: Half Day Tour.

A moment to enjoy the landscape, a place to relax and listen to the sounds of the forest, a trekking to enjoy from the very first beginning and to the last step.

We start going through the valley, walking through the vast area and getting inside the centenary forests, full of beech trees that tells the story of one of the first sawmills of the island. We follow the Krund trail, part of the path that the first postman in the island did, until we get to his hut. We come back to the Winter Resort to enjoy a marvelous snack and a hot beverage, a cup of wine or a delicious brew.


9:00 Pick-up at the hotels.

10:00 Arrive to the Winter Resort.

10:30 Guided trekking with Snowshoes.

12:30 Snack at the Mountain Bar.

13:45 Return to the city.

Pioneers Night

Type: Night Tour.

Fire and snow, stories and tastes, all together in one magic nightThe night surround us, there's a force around us, we feel something is going to happen. Maybe an adventure, a moment that connects us with the nature, an intimate experience with the history of the pioneers. Those heroes that forged this wonderful lanscapes and offer their stories to us, in the middle of a paradisiac location inside a magic hut. The silence roars in the valley, the darkness covers it all and only the lights from the snowmobiles break the night. We will walk through the forest with our headlamps following the trails that the first man to cross the island did. We will get to a mistic and peaceful corner where the world stops on our feet. We only have left smiles and stories to share around the fireplace while the stew and wine confort us.

 Dificulty: low. Duration: 5 hours. Start: 18:00 hours.

Tour development: snowmobile trail – Guided trekking with snowshoes – Complete dinner at the musseum hut “Ernesto Krund” – return in snowmobile.

Includes: Transfer in/out, snowmobile trail, guided trekking, complete dinner, guidance and equipment needed (snowshoes, headlamp, one snowmobile for two passengers). The dinner includes a reception with hot wine, lentils stew, beverages, dessert and coffee.


18:00 Pick-up at the hotels.

18:45 Arrive to the Winter resort.

19:00 Snowmobile trip or guided trekking with snowshoes and headlamp

20:00 Dinner in a historical hut.

21:00 Snowmobile trip or guided trekking

22:00 Return to the city.


This itinerary can be modified one way in Snowmobile and return in snowshoe hike or vise according to the guide's decision