Pioneers Night Gourmet


We leave from the hotel to Ushuaia Blanca, during the 30-minute journey we discover the magnificent landscapes that Ushuaia and its surroundings offer us, and how the mountains and valleys fuse together as we lose sight of the Beagle Channel. Once we arrive at the complex, we will enter the cabin to take shelter and our guide will give a technical briefing about the safe driving and the land that we are going to conquer with the quadricycles. We will begin the journey in quadricycles by the valley, crossing rivers and streams and traversing lush forests of lengas by the skirt of the mountains, for not less than one hour. We stop for a short walk. Then we return to the quadricycles to finish the journey and arrive at the cabin Ernesto Krund, replica of the refuge of the first postman on the island. With a glass of hot wine in hand, we tell the story of this pioneer that fuses with local history, accompanied by the fire in the stove, we enjoy the most exquisite menu. A homemade sweet and a very particular coffee will close the moment and give way to the talk that ends with the departure in quadricycles again towards the base of the complex to finish this fascinating adventure.


Three steps menu:

Reception: Spiced hot wine
First step: Brochettes
Second step: Pork scallops “riojana” style or potatoes “riojana” style (vegetarian option
Third step: Roasted apples with nuts and cream, accompanied by our traditional road coffee.
Soft Drinks: Flat and sparkly water and different sodas also light ones.
Wine from Família Alpataco Schroeder winery from Patagonia.


Departure from the hotel
Arrival to Ushuaia Blanca
Technical talk about quadricycles 
Dinner at the Ernesto Krund's hut
Back to the hotel