Ojo del Albino Glacier Trekking


mmerse yourself in the adventure with this mountain trekking!

We will pick you up at the hotel early in the morning to go to the beginning of the trail located about 20 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia. After the indications of the guide we will enter the path that will take us through the forest and the peat bogs, crossing the Tierra Mayor Valley until we reach the Esmeralda Lagoon, which, as its name indicates, amazes us with its intense green color.


After a photographic break we will walk surrounding the lagoon, we will find many beaver dams along the way. We continue our way until we cross the tree line where the ascension becomes more demanding. The slope is pronounced through a large rocks formation. We are now in a high mountain landscape where we can appreciate the panoramic views of the valley and the Laguna Esmeralda below. We finally reach our destination, the Ojo del Albino Glacier with the lagoon. In this part the glacier is a mass of very cracked flat ice, surrounded by sharp peaks and at the center the melting water with beautiful icebergs.


Depending on the conditions of the ice the guide will decide if it is safe to carry out a glacier transit. We will have our Luch Box surrounded by an imposing landscape.


After the well-deserved rest, we start our way back through the same path.


Includes: crampons - mountain guide - adapted lunch box - hot drinks - trekking staff - RCC insurance - VHF permanent communication system.


Start of trekking
Arrival to Esmeralda lagoon
Ascent to the glacier
Glacier transit and mountain lunch.                                             
Downhill trekking to meeting point                                                        
Departure to the hotel.

HD Trekking to Submarine Waterfall


 One of the most enjoyable walks around Ushuaia that takes us through one of the oldest forests along the edge of a beautiful mountain stream to discover step by step small waterfalls to find the main waterfall more than 15 meters high.?Specimens of different species of flora, countless beaver’s barrages, traces of ancient avalanches, mountain landscapes and different types of erosion are some of the impressive attractions that presents this unique trekking.


+ 1 Glass of Wine, 1 Beagle Beer or 1 Soda or Water
+ 1 pie
+ 1/2 Pizza, toasted or 2 pies
+ 1 small coffee, 1 hot chocolate or 1 tea
+ 1 alfajor of dulce de leche or calafate or 1 conito de dulce de leche

Departure from the hotels
Start of trekking
Arrival to the Submarine waterfall. Snack?.
Start of return walk by alternative path.
Lunch in mountain bar
Departure to Ushuaia                                                                                                       


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Trekking to Vinciguerra Glacier & Témpanos Lagoon

We leave from the hotel, leaving the city 7 km. We will start walking along the Grande stream, we will cross it and begin the ascent through the magical Fuegian forest. Half way we observe how the peat landscapes begin to surround us. We will continue crossing the limit of vegetation where we await the imposing Témpanos Lagoon, the Vinciguerra Glacier and incredible ice caves. The guide will assist us wearing the crampons to transit the glacier. In order to recharge energy, we stop to eat lunch, take photos and start the journey back, perhaps lucky enough to find some beavers.


Coffee Break at De los Témpanos Lagoon
Glacier transit and visit to caves                                                               
Trekking in descent                                                               
Return to meeting point - back to hotel 


Esmeralda Lagoon


We leave from the hotels by the national route #3 towards north, to move away from the Beagle Channel and discover one of the main valleys of the island. There we begin the walk through a peat area until we reach a forest of lenga trees, crossing dams of beavers and up a stream that leads us to the Esmeralda lagoon, nestled between mountains, where we will delight our snack with the glaciers behind us. On our way back, we take advantage of the long summer evening to live intimately with the landscape. We marvel at the forest engineers and then head back to the city to conclude the experience.


Departure from the hotel
Crossing the National Route N ° 3
Walking to Esmeralda Lagoon
Walk back
Back to hotel