HD Tierra del Fuego National Park

Pristine nature, silence, the sounds of flying birds, the clarity of water, native trees, local stories, a unique lunch at the End of the World and much more are the feelings you will experience in this impressive natural and historical monument during 4 hours. The adventure starts at the hotel, where the guide will pick you up to start your journey to the National Park. Once we get there, the “lengas” and “guindos” will surprise us along the road. We walk along an interpretive trail, accompanied by our great guides, who know the place and local history. From there we will go to Lake Roca - Errazuriz to appreciate its waters, the surrounding forest formed by specimens that exceed 300 years and the limits with Chile. In the vicinity is the Alakush Visitor Center, within which we will visit the interpretation room about fauna, flora and zoology of the place; and the exhibition on the human occupation of the Park (among them the Yamanas, Fuegian Pioneers and sawmills). Before continuing our adventure, we take time to relax, drink a hot chocolate or coffee and some sweets, surrounded by wonderful views. After the break, we are ready to continue connecting trails until we reach the end of National Route #3 in Lapataia Bay. Then we will stop at Ensenada Zaratiegui where we will find the most southern post office. After about 4 hours we will finish our adventure with the feeling of having been part of the history and the nature of our island.

“End of the World” Train
The End of the World Train invites you to relive the last 7 km. of the old convicts train history, which left from the prison located in the city of Ushuaia towards the slopes of Mount Susana in order to obtain different materials for construction. On board the train you will hear the story and you will be delighted with the magnificent landscapes, composed by the zigzagging Pipo River, Macarena cascade, tree cemetery and the beautiful forest, travelling through part of the inaccessible Tierra del Fuego National Park, on board a historic railway with its steam locomotives and elegant large window carriages.

Pick Up
Arrival at the End of the World Train station.
09:00/15:00 hs
Optional: train ride from the End of the World or land entrance to the park.
10:30/16:30 hs
Arrival to Roca Lake – Coffee Break
  11:00/17:00 hs
Mini trekking Lapataia Bay.
12:00/18:00 hs
Ensenada Zaratiegui.
13:00/19:00 hs
Back to the city  

HD Tierra del Fuego National Park with trekking and Lunch


Enjoy nature, silence, the sounds of birds fluttering, water, trees, stories told, a unique lunch at the End of the World and much more are the sensations that you will experience in this impressive natural and historical monument for 8 hours. Our adventure begins at the hotel, from where we go to the entrance of the Tierra del Fuego National Park by National Route N ° 3 in mini-bus. We access the park delighting in its landscapes of fuegian forest up to the beginning of the Pampa Alta trail, which we will follow for 3 kilometers of medium difficulty until we reach Ensenada Zaratiegui where the southernmost post office is located.

Here we walk for a few kilometers along the coastal path where we will discover archaeological sites left by the Yámanas that inhabited the area. We will also find a wide variety of native flora as well as rocks over 150 million years old. Our driver will be waiting for us to take us to Acigami Lake.

After the morning treks we will have a rest in the restaurant of the Alakush Visitor Center where they will be waiting for us with a table overlooking the Lapataia River. After the well- deserved lunch, we continue with our adventure along trails that will take us to Lapataia Bay.

Among them, we will pass by the Island Trail where we will always border the river, having the possibility to see aquatic birds. We continue along the Lenga Trail and finally the Turbal Trail.

We finish our adventure at the end of National Road No. 3 and end of the Pan-American Highway, Lapataia Bay.

We return to Ushuaia after having traveled all the environments of this wonderful natural reserve.


Pick Up
Arrival to the National Park
Trekking Coastal Trail.
Lunch at Alakush restaurant.
Trekking to Isla Trail and Lenga trail.
Departure from Lapataia towards the Turbal trail.
Departure to the city of Ushuaia

Includes: transfer to hotel – especialized guide – Lunch