Flyby Ushuaia – 7 minutes

Overfly Ushuaia is an invitation to feel, at least for a while, one of the seagulls shaken off the coast of this bay as austral. Buckle we took off westward to appreciate the Beagle from a single perspective. You veering heading east, you will enjoy the wonderful view of the city, framed by the imposing Andes, the Martial Glacier , the Monte Cinco Hermanos and the iconic Monte Olivia . A postcard before your eyes. But not everything is natural majesty: during the flight, you will see how the city is inserted in this unique setting, overlooking the central town with its characteristic buildings like the Presidio and the local port.

Esmeralda Lagoon – 15 minutes

And if we are looking for a natural jewel? This expedition starts hovering over the Bay of Ushuaia , gaining altitude to enter the Valle del Río Olivia , appreciating the majestic Monte Olivia , and the characteristic Monte Cinco Hermanos . You can quickly spot the magnificent Valle Carbajal, with its striking composition of peat formed over thousands of years. The adventure continues across the valley and accessing a second mountain range that is home to an incredible body of water called Laguna EsmeraldaBecause of its extraordinary color. This jewel of nature, is one of the most visited attractions. It prepares the camera. You will not be able to believe.

Landing in the Andes: 30 minutes

Did you ever imagine contemplate the Andes from the top? This indescribable experience begins flying over the bay of Ushuaia . Thus, we enter the Valle del Río Olivia, appreciating the majestic Mount Olivia and the characteristic Monte Cinco Hermanos .

Just as the immensity begins to take your breath, you will spot the magnificent Valle Carbajal , with its striking composition of peat formed over thousands of years. You housed in a second mountain range as a natural jewel, find a mirror of water called Laguna Esmeralda , because of its extraordinary color. Continuing the tour, and the landscape at your fingertips, you'll spot the various existing centers of skiing in the area, among which highlights the "Cerro Castor" , the southernmost in the world, inserted in this unique setting . Sticking around, crossing the Andes by River Valley Encajonado and arriving at Beagle Channel , landed on top of Cerro Le'Cloche . Amid  this extremely cold stillness, where the only sound is ours, you'll go down and see a magical setting from which the most incredible and austral images emerge: the Cordillera de los Andes right before your eyes and the city of Ushuaia at your feet.