Sailing towards Penguin Island


We leave the local port in a comfortable catamaran, sailing through Ushuaia´s bay and enjoying the mountainous environment. During the navigation, we will visit the Bridges islands to see Southamerican Furs Seals, Rock Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants colonies. We approach the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, icon of our city and continue along the Beagle Channel to enjoy the wonderful viewing the different historical ranches offer us along the Fuegian coast. We will see Puerto Williams on the Navarino Island Coast (south of the Beagle Channel) and we will enter the MacKinley Pass bordering the north of Gable Island to arrive at Martillo Island. There we approach the coast to observe a Magellanic penguin rookery and some Gentoo Penguins, among other seabirds. We head back to the city along the Northern coast of the Beagle channel, enjoying the sunset and the wonderful view of the city.


Show up at the Tourist Port
Start navigation
Landing on Bridges island
Arrival to Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse
Penguins watching
Return to Tourist Port