HD Sailing towards H Island by sail boat


We depart from Ushuaia´s Tourist Wharf, head South through Ushuaia Bay, and then enter the Beagle Channel , destination: "H Island". A few minutes later, we make our first stop: Alice Island, a small and thickly populated rookery, where we´ll see Southern Sea Lions, mating King Cormorants and many other marine birds, just a few meters from our vessel. “Roughguide to Argentina” once published: “ H-Island :The southernmost bit of Argentine territory”, we added: “….a Nature Reserve with amazing flora, fauna and thousand years of human presence” A “magic” place from which, since 2003,we have been Environmental Custodians by appointment of Tierra del Fuego State Government-Natural Resources Bureau . High mountains, and beach type vegetation: lichens, mosses and flowers, give good shelter to different birds species, that chose the “H Island” to mate and breed their chicks just in front of you! Due to the abundance and variety, this “ H ” shape island, has given thousands of years of food and shelter to the Beagle´s Native people: the Yamana, protecting them from the SW/W prevailing gales! H Island offered them a great hunting and fishing spot , good enough to build temporary huts, and somewhere to stay warm and dry, in storms . Today, “H” Island is still a great mooring place, and during our walk we’ll visit the “yamana” maddens, where we’ll appreciate some stone tools, shells, ashes, whale and seal bones , all remains from this ancient ethnic group, the world’s southernmost people, for more than 7000 years!


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