Trekking to Vinciguerra Glacier & Témpanos Lagoon


We leave from the hotel, leaving the city 7 km. We will start walking along the Grande stream, we will cross it and begin the ascent through the magical Fuegian forest. Half way we observe how the peat landscapes begin to surround us. We will continue crossing the limit of vegetation where we await the imposing Témpanos Lagoon, the Vinciguerra Glacier and incredible ice caves. The guide will assist us wearing the crampons to transit the glacier. In order to recharge energy, we stop to eat lunch, take photos and start the journey back, perhaps lucky enough to find some beavers.

Martial Adventure




We’ll be hiking the "Martial" Glacier range. We walk through the former lumberjacks path to the "Cerro del Medio". We will visit the “Margot” Lagoon and from there we’ll aim for the summit of the “Roy” Mount. This will be the highest point on our adventure! We’ll have lunch at the summit and head down through the back side of the “Godoy” Mount. We’ll have the “Negro” Canyon at our sight. Once we reach the pass, we head South along the  "Martial" Glacier valley. We’ll arrive to the base of the old ski piste.


Esmeralda Lagoon & Beavers Sightseeing


Esmeralda Lagoon & Beavers Sightseeing


We leave from the hotels by the national route #3 towards north, to move away from the Beagle Channel and discover one of the main valleys of the island. There we begin the walk through a peat area until we reach a forest of lenga trees, crossing dams of beavers and up a stream that leads us to the Esmeralda lagoon, nestled between mountains, where we will delight our snack with the glaciers behind us. On our way back, we take advantage of the long summer evening to live intimately with the landscape while we wait for the beavers to show themselves in their evening chores. We marvel at the forest engineers and then head back to the city to conclude the experience.


Beaver behavior is not controlled by us. Sightings depend on the animals activity at the day and time the adventure is schedule.

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