Ushuaia Express
Tours for the whole family.
from USD 230.- Price per passenger!
Escape to Fantastic Patagonia!
Tours combo: Ushuaia + El Calafate.
AR$ 8956!-
All services are commercialized by Tierra del Fuego Aventura EVyT - Legajo 16441

Dinner with Beavers

Evening excursion - Ecotourism.
Duration: 4 hours long night excursion.

You will enjoy the followings:
- Incredible wildlife + awesome landscapes + amazing history + unique nature experience.
- in\out transfer – guide – beavers sightseeing – lamb, legumes and vegetables stew – with or non alcohol drinks – dessert – coffee.
We start our journey at the city, heading North towards one of the most important valleys of the island to immerse into nature and live intimately with the landscape as we wait for the beavers to show up during their daily evening routine.
After watching the wildlife we slowly begin our way to the "Mountain Bar" at Ushuaia Blanca to enjoy a heart-warmer dinner with brews from Ushuaia. We end our journey going back to the city after having a great cup of coffee.

Ushuaia road

Type: Day Tour.

Duration: 4 hours long excursion. Starts at 10:00 am.

You will enjoy the following activities:
- ATV's expedition + guided short trekking + fuegian “asado” (barbecue) at “Ernesto Krund” hut.

- in/out transfer + ATVs expedition + guided short trekking + BBQ + guide + required equipment (headlamp and 2 pax ATV). The BBQ includes a reception with homemade hot wine, roast varieties, with and non alcohol drinks, dessert and coffee (vegan and TACC free menus available). Check group menus available.

We start from your hotel towards Ushuaia Blanca where our guide begins to tell a story about a fuegian pioneer who has a lot to do with our adventure. We jump onto the ATVs to get to the Ernesto's Krund replica hut, where we'll dive into the forest and join our guide for a short trekking discovering the surrounding landscape. We'll come back to the hut, ready to enjoy a lovely meal next to the fireplace. Finally, we'll drive the ATVs towards the activity center where the bus will take us back to the hotel.

Around The Alvear.

Trekking to a mountain glacier with gourmet lunch. 
Duration:8 hours long.

Experience: Feel the power of the mountain, overcome yourself and enjoy the most beautiful views.

Includes: In/out transfer + guided trekking + required equipment (poles) + gourmet lunch at the mountain + mineral water bottle + chocolate bar + hot beverage.

Description: We start our journey hiking to a mountain vantage point with an amazing view. We head West where we get an astonishing view of the Alvear. We stop to enjoy our lunch on the banks of the lagoon with the Alvear Glacier in front of us.
Once we had lunch, we start our way back diving into the forest through another path.
The guide will choose the route in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the whole group, empowering the pride feeling of getting to the top of a mountain without getting exhausted. In case the conditions to get to the glacier lagoon are not given, the trail will be modified ensuring you to get to the top of the Alvear range. In this way we get the tour can be done by people with no previous experience or specific training.

Esmeralda Lagoon.

Trekking with fauna watching. 
Duration: 6 hours long.

Experience: Discovering glacial valleys, lenga's centenary forests, dazzling with the beauty of a lagoon nestled in the fuegian mountains and have a close meeting with these forest engineers while we learn about their history in the island.

Includes: In/out transfer, guide, beavers watching, sandwich + bottle of water + tea + chocolate.

Description: We begin our journey picking you up at your hotel and driving through National Route 3 towards north. Getting away from the Beagle Channel we'll discover one of the most important valleys in the island, where we'll start a trekking over a peat area until we get to a lenga forest. Crossing beaver dams and following a stream which we'll lead us to the Esmeralda lagoon, we'll be able to have our snack surrounded by glaciers. When we are coming back we benefit with the long summer sunset for share the landscape meanwhile we wait the beavers appear making their vespertine labor.
Once we get wondered with the forests engineers, we start making our way back to the bus. Heading south we'll get to the city.
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