Amid a dream valley, surrounded by the very nature of the area, where every day dozens of people are nucleated in search of the most diverse activities, we found the place to relax, share and enjoy the magic of Ushuaia corner.

Who does not enjoy a good breakfast at the foot of the fire, looking over the valley and mountains that gave life? How not to take a while for lunch near the corner of memories? Or take advantage of a good bite, paired with the best craft brewed beer, while the old Ushuaia stories are shared, those first settlers and local heroes, pioneers in their work, which led to the city and its surroundings? Enjoy a colorful painted sunset with lanterns and torches recent walkers ...¡ this is the Mountain Bar!

Always accompanied by good music and a strategy to make your experience unique and memorable attention.

We are not just a bar, we are a Mountain Bar lovers dreamed all that surrounds it, so passionate enviable nature has to offer and decided to take care and respect to continue to enjoy forever.

¡Our philosophy is to wait for each of you with open arms and a proposal tailored to the tastes and possibilities of nomads, travelers, couples, friends, families, because that is what we are and we are determined to enjoy with everyone want to join!