Ushuaia Express Pack
National Park + Lagos off Road + Sailing the Beagle Channel towards the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse 
*Prices per Person
USD$ 180 
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Welcome to Ushuaia Blanca

Ushuaia Blanca Excursions

Traditions, history, adventure, nature, mystic, passions, pioneers and legends are enclosed in these landscapes, the End of the World, the Door to the Antarctica. Coveted since the very first landing, this exotic and complex corner it's wide open for you to discover, enjoy and live it!

Nowadays the End of the World is much closer. We look forward to guide you and enjoy it with you. Dare yourself to be part of this awesome adventure!



Esmeralda Lagoon


We begin our journey picking you up at your hotel and driving through National Route 3 towards North. Getting away from the Beagle Channel we will discover one the most important valleys in the island, where we will start a snowshoeing adventure over a peat area until we get to a lenga forest. Crossing beaver dams and following a stream which we will lead us to the Esmeralda lagoon, we will be able to have our snack surrounded by glaciers. When we are coming back we share the landscape meanwhile we wait the beavers appear making their vespertine labor. Once we get wondered with the forests engineers, we start making our way back to the bus. Heading South we will get to the city.

Type of excursion: day excursion.

Schedule: Pick up at the hotel – Ride through Route # 3 – Snowshoeing towards Esmeralda Lagoon – Snack – Ride back to the hotel.

Private Area

Villa las Cotorras Infographic

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Detail Location

Ushuaia Blanca

Ruta Nacional Nº 3 Km. 25. Ushuaia.

Villa "Las Cotorras"

Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia Argentina